The Decades of Henry Bullinger

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Henry Bullinger was one of the most widely esteemed leaders of the Reformed Churches. The Decades was the most famous of the 150 treatises and manuscripts that he wrote. The Decades derives its name from being a series of fifty theological sermons divided into five groups of ten sermons each. Each sermon is a helpful, detailed exposition of an important doctrine. Combined, they encompass the field of theology in a form readable for the typical layperson.

These sermons became more popular than Calvin's Institutes in England, and are here reprinted for the first time since 1850, together with a new introduction on Bullinger's life by George Ella and on The Decades by Joel R. Beeke.

Hardover, 2 volumes. 2055 pages.

Review Quotes

"This reprint of Bullinger's The Decades makes available a seminal survey of Christian teaching by one of the most significant of the second-generation Reformers. Both in its content and in its homiletical tone, The Decades offered the mid-sixteenth century a basic text from which Christian readers could learn both the content of the faith and the life of Christian obedience. Its importance is evidenced in the numerous printings both in Latin and in the vernacular that mark out the influence of The Decades among English, Dutch, and German-speaking Protestants. May this reprint enhance contemporary recognition of Bullinger's contribution to the Reformation."
-- Richard A. Muller, Calvin Theological Seminary

"What is impressive about The Decades is how contemporary Bullinger sounds on so many issues and how readable he still is more than 450 years after he wrote these sermons. Even today, Bullinger surefootedly guides us intellectually, experientially, and practically through the truths of Reformed doctrine that set us free and enable us to grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ."
-- Joel R. Beeke, president, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

About the Author

Henry Bullinger (1504-1575) was born in Bremgarten, Switzerland and became the best-known theologian in Britain during the Reformation era. He produced 86 works of Reformed theology at a time prior to Calvin's first edition of the Institutes of the Christian Religion. His overall writing output was larger than Luther, Calvin, and Melancthon combined. This thorough work was the reason he came to be called the Father and Shepherd of the Reformed churches.