1662 Book of Common Prayer International Edition

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The Book of Common Prayer (1662) is one of the most beloved liturgical texts in the Christian church, and remains a definitive expression of Anglican identity today. It is still widely used around the world, in public worship and private devotion, and is revered for both its linguistic and theological virtues.

But the classic text of the 1662 prayer book presents several difficulties for contemporary users, especially those outside the Church of England. The 1662 Book of Common Prayer: International Edition gently updates the text for contemporary use. State prayers of England have been replaced with prayers that can be used regardless of nation or polity. Obscure words and phrases have been modestly revised—but always with a view towards preserving the prayer book's own cadence. Finally, a selection of treasured prayers from later Anglican tradition has been appended.

The 1662 prayer book remains a vital resource today, both in the Anglican Communion and for Christians everywhere. Here it is presented for continued use for today's Christians throughout the world.

Hardcover. 832 pages. Approximately 4" x 6".

Table of Contents

  • How the Psalms and Scriptures Are to Be Read
  • The Tables, Rules, and Calendar of Lessons
  • Morning Prayer
  • Evening Prayer
  • The Creed of St. Athanasius
  • The Litany
  • Prayers and Thanksgivings
  • The Collects, Epistles, and Gospels
  • The Holy Communion
  • Baptism Both Public and Private
  • Baptism for Those of Riper Years
  • The Catechism, with Confirmation
  • The Solemnization of Matrimony
  • The Visitation and Communion of the Sick
  • The Burial of the Dead
  • The Thanksgiving of Women after Childbirth
  • A Commination
  • The Psalter
  • Forms of Prayer to Be Used at Sea
  • The Ordinal
  • Articles of Religion
  • The Editors to the Reader
  • Appendices
  • A Sermon on the Salvation of Mankind
  • Additional Prayers and Thanksgivings
  • Additional Rubrics
  • An Alternative Table of Lessons
  • The Glossary

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"I think this is a beautiful project, and one that will be useful to churches and families that want to take advantage of the great beauty and theological power of the old prayer book, without being distracted by irrelevant or obscure language."
-- Alan Jacobs, Baylor University

"The official prayer book of the Church of England remains the revised version of 1662. And beyond the United Kingdom, the 1662 edition continues to wield enormous influence in the Anglican Communion as well as in other churches around the world. Believers who still wish to pray from this time-tested prayer book now have a gorgeously produced, reader-friendly edition with which to do so. A greater gift for lovers of the Book of Common Prayer can hardly be imagined."
-- Wesley Hill, associate professor of New Testament at Trinity School for Ministry, Ambridge, Pennsylvania

"Anglicans in North America today are not sufficiently familiar with the classic Book of Common Prayer (1662). Accordingly, I heartily endorse this accessible new edition of this essential Anglican formulary. It has long been needed and the editors are to be strongly commended for their care and restraint."
-- Gillis Harp, Grove City College

"In an age when each new wave of liturgical reform seems doomed to obsolescence almost before it is completed, Bray and Keane's call to 'Look to the rock from whence you were hewn' is a breath of fresh air. Amid the wreckage of discarded innovations that litter the liturgical landscape, the 1662 Book of Common Prayer still stands as the classic expression of Anglican spirituality, the finest edition of a prayer book that has nurtured the faith of countless millions. Bray and Keane are to be praised and saluted for retrieving this forgotten gem, polishing it up, and demonstrating its enduring value as a guide for public and private devotion. In the process, they have also proven the folly of overhasty modernizations of older devotional texts, showing that archaic language can be not merely beautiful but still thoroughly intelligible. Judiciously edited and beautifully presented, this edition is a great gift to the church today; I pray that it will be gratefully received and widely adopted."
-- Brad Littlejohn, president of the Davenant Institute

"The Prayer Book—in the classic edition of 1662—has been attacked, denigrated, dismissed, damned with faint praise, patronized, patted on the head, and torn in shreds. It's too Protestant, it's too Catholic, it's a typical Anglican muddle, it does not express the new insight of the modern age, it's not open to the Spirit, it's not relevant. Yet all these cantankerous and often sophistical cavillations fall away when you pray according to the rule of prayer it sets forth with an open heart and an open mind. What then meets you in these pages is a pure scriptural teaching, deeply embedded in the catholic tradition, turned into the language of prayer, and in the corporate action of liturgy, with a craftmanship that is quietly breathtaking. Its prose is not Tudor but timeless, not purple but plain in its elegance (simplex munditiis); and in its clarity, dignity, and quiet beauty it carries the weight of conviction as almost nothing else does. That is why it survived the Marian reaction, the Puritan interregnum, and the diktats of modern liturgists; that's why it will encourage and embolden the faithful in the new dark ages of skepticism and hostility to religion. Though this prayer book came out of the Church of England, it belongs not to the English, nor even to Anglicans, much less to Anglophiles (fruity accents and whatnot)—as this edition makes clear, it is a prayer book for English-speaking Christians throughout the world."
-- Gavin Dunbar, rector of St. John's Church, Savannah, Georgia (the Episcopal Church), and president of the Prayer Book Society of the USA

"By sensitively updating the language and adapting the content for use by the worldwide Anglican Communion, this 1662 Book of Common Prayer, International Edition, makes a most welcome contribution toward making the classical liturgy of Anglicanism accessible to younger people and to a wider audience. Those who use it will rediscover a liturgical tradition that has shaped the spiritual life of generations of faithful Anglicans and be strengthened in their faith as they make their pilgrim way to the celestial city."
-- Gerald Bray, Beeson Divinity School

"The editors of The 1662 Book of Common Prayer, International Edition, are to be congratulated on making every effort to preserve the substance and form of traditional common prayer in a manner accessible to the widest possible community of Anglican worshippers. The rhythm, meter, and musicality of the language, so critically important for liturgical expression, have been preserved intact. The editors' discerning decision 'to update the language of rubrics most; prayers less; and Psalms, canticles, and biblical texts least of all' is admirable indeed, and strikes just the right balance of minimal but acceptable modification. 'O worship the Lord in beauty of holiness. Let the whole earth stand in awe of Him.'"
-- Torrance Kirby, McGill University

"Many love the Prayer Book for its linguistic beauty, but greater than that is its ability to communicate the gospel. This new edition of the Book of Common Prayer makes gospel proclamation, as Cranmer wanted it, front and center without sacrificing its aesthetic value. Updated to speak the gospel into the context of today, this edition will not only be a valuable resource for those interested in liturgy, but a devotional companion for those seeking to hear the message of our redemption in the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope it finds a welcome place in our studies, homes, and churches."
-- Andrew Pearson, dean and rector of Cathedral Church of the Advent, Birmingham, Alabama

"Aside from the Bible itself, I can't think of a book that has had more impact on the Christian world in the last five hundred years than the Book of Common Prayer. I'm delighted to see it published in this new format that, I pray, will allow a whole new generation of people to access the rich and faithful theology, liturgy, prayers, and resources that it offers."
-- Bishop Jay Behan, Church of Confessing Anglicans, Aotearoa, New Zealand

"These biblically infused prayers, full of the gospel of grace, are a wonderful resource for the global church."
-- Andrew Atherstone, Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford

"The Book of Common Prayer has kept its place at the center of Anglican identity in a remarkable way, considering the long and kaleidoscopic history of the churches that use it. This latest presentation of its riches is, like the original, marked by judicious common sense, but also by a sure instinct for how its many virtues can elegantly be augmented by the practice of later centuries. It is to be welcomed as a gift to Anglicans worldwide: not a trophy of antique display but a practical framework for everyday worship."
-- Diarmaid MacCulloch, professor emeritus of the history of the church, University of Oxford, and author of Thomas Cranmer: A Life

 "The Book of Common Prayer, now nearly five hundred years old, is one of the historic witnesses of religious practice and feeling. This new International Edition, with additions and revisions to bring it up to date for a new global English-speaking audience, is the latest example of how it continues to be reimagined and reexperienced in every era."
-- Brian Cummings, Anniversary Professor at the University of York and author of The Book of Common Prayer: A Very Short Introduction

"I am privileged to write and commend the use of The 1662 Book of Common Prayer: International Edition. The 1662 Book of Common Prayer, together with the ordinal attached to the same, remains the standard for Anglican tradition and worship. I encourage the use of this international edition in both public and private devotions. In addition to the rich liturgy of the prayer book, I commend the use of the prayers that are found in the appendix, especially the prayers for the spread of the gospel and for those who are persecuted. My own life and ministry have been fashioned by the doctrine and order in the Book of Common Prayer 1662, which remains a treasure for Christians of every generation."
-- Bishop Julian Dobbs, Anglican Diocese of the Living Word

 "This work is a great gift to our generation. The language and the teaching of the 1662 Prayer Book are essential not just to our heritage but to our understanding of the gospel in this day."
-- John Yates II, rector of The Falls Church Anglican, Falls Church, Virginia, 1979–2019