Desires in Conflict

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Banned by Amazon.

By Joe Dallas.

For more than a decade, Desires in Conflict has been the definitive must-read for those who wonder, "Can a homosexual change?" This updated edition offers more compelling reasons why the answer is yes.

Softcover. 256 pages.

Review Quotes
"I read Desires in Conflict for the first time when I was 19. I was fighting my own personal battle with homosexuality, sure that freedom wasn't possible and afraid that God and the Church hated me. More than a decade later, I am free of desires that once held me captive, strong in my faith, married to my amazing wife, Leslie, and currently the Executive Director of Exodus International, North America. The Lord used Desires in Conflict to shine a light into the darkness and to help guide me out of homosexuality. Joe Dallas has eternally impacted a generation of young people like me."
--Alan Chambers, Executive Director, Exodus International


About the Author

Joe Dallas is an author, speaker, and pastoral counselor who conducts seminars nationwide. He is the founder of Genesis Biblical Solutions in Tustin, California, and has written six books on human sexuality from a Christian perspective, including such authoritative resources as the bestselling Desires in Conflict, The Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality, and The Gay Gospel? His articles have been featured in Christianity Today magazine and the Journal of Psychology and Christianity, and he is a regular contributor to the Christian Research Journal.